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What your brand colors say about your business

Colors for your business are extremely essential to your brand identity — it’s actually a game of psychology and I want to bring you along to play! Let’s think of this: you are ready to begin branding for your business and you start searching on Pinterest for color palettes that feel like “you”. What if I told you this was the wrong way to approach it? Here’s my take on color palette psychology:

let your Colors build a connection with potential clients

At Chloe Creative Studio, colors aren’t just for looks. We actually want your ideal client to FEEL like they NEED to buy your product or service because of the connection they have with your business. First things first, consider the colors you like. Let’s say, you choose baby blue, light pink, and bright orange. Then, I recommend choosing colors that your ideal client likes. Let’s say, you choose green, grey and brown. If it sounds really random, that’s okay. This is where psychology comes into the game.

Where to find the meaning behind your branding

The next part of the game is to do a simple Google search on your colors. You can type in, “Color psychology of baby blue” and begin to unveil all of the emotions, behaviors, and feelings that are commonly associated with the color you searched. Trust me, we are obsessed with colors so we know you will be too! After searching those colors and finding words or emotions that align with your brand, you know you have a perfect color match. 

It’s always important to research your colors before you choose them. There can always be a color that unintentionally gives off an emotion that you may not want your business to be associated with. Cool, right?

Color psychology examples

  • Brown – Reliable and Strong
  • Baby Blue – Trustworthiness and Calm
  • Bubblegum Pink – Cheerful and Loving
  • Green – Growth, and Security 
  • Bright Orange – Enthusiastic and Attentive 
  • Charcoal – Practical and Balance

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