ways to advance your career

5 Ways to Advance Your Career

Even if you’ve found a job you love, it’s always important to be striving for the next level of your career — whether it’s a raise, a promotion or a new responsibility. Here are some actions you can take right now to advance your career.

1. Earn a New Certification

Adding a new certification to your resume or LinkedIn is a great way to advance your career. There are many certifications you can earn by taking an online course, and many are even available for free. Research certifications in-demand in your industry or specific role. For example, if you work in marketing, you might pursue a certification like HubSpot’s content marketing certification.

2. Connect With a Mentor

Connecting with a mentor can give you a guide throughout your career. Try to find someone with experience in your role or industry who you can ask for advice. This person can help you make decisions and navigate the next steps of your career based on their experiences.

3. Grow Your Network

Another way to advance your career is to grow your network. Expanding your professional network can open up new professional opportunities and relationships. You can attend networking events or reach out to potential connections directly. You might even meet new connections through social media.

4. Work On New Projects

Ask your manager if you can get involved with additional projects. Not only is this a way to advance your career, but it can also help you gain more insight into your job and company so you can excel in your position. It can help you learn new skills and make new connections. Try to find projects that align with your interests and career goals.

5. Start a Side Gig

Starting a side gig can help you earn extra income as well as new skills and connections. You could start monetizing a hobby or start freelancing in your industry. For example, you might start writing freelance articles for a publication or selling handmade goods online. Running a side gig can teach you skills in business and marketing that you can apply throughout your career.


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