The Importance of Cohesive Branding 

Cohesive branding is more than just making things look pretty. In fact, branding in general runs much deeper than the visuals, although the eye catching elements are part of it. As a designer, it’s not only my passion to create branding assets for you, I’m also here to help you uncover your brand voice and overall aesthetic preferences before we even begin designing. It’s crucial to find a designer who understands you and your brand voice so you can develop a cohesive, effective brand.

Communicating Your Ideas

It’s so important when working with a designer that you are open and honest with your communication. It’s always useful to have some sort of idea of what you’re looking for before you start working with someone who will be designing for you. Although we can help you refine and uncover what you’re looking for, we can’t tell you what you’re looking for. Good communication is key when it comes to building something cohesive and on brand.

Breaking It Down

Let’s first break down branding. As a designer it would be easy to tell you that branding is just your logo, colors and fonts, but branding also means your brand voice, your mission, your target audience, your inspiration, your why. These pieces lay the foundation of your brand. When you have a solid foundation of what your brand stands for, who you want to serve and the purpose behind your business, the rest follows.

Visually Driven

Human beings are very visually driven, meaning we usually operate by seeing something that we like and then developing an interest and wanting to learn more about it. What’s first attractive to our eye draws us in.

Think about our consumer decisions. Even when we’re shopping for something as simple as dish soap, if you’re like me, you tend to lean towards the ones that look pretty. I pick up the bottle, read about it, see what’s in it and then I’m sold. Brands like Good & Gather, Mrs. Meyers and Method know how to catch our eye. They’ve branded themselves to stand out on the shelf amongst all the other boring bottle labels. These are just examples (and probably a clear indication that dish soap is on my grocery list at the moment).

Making the Whole Thing Stunning

Now, let’s talk about making your branding cohesive and why it’s important. Let’s say you have a really beautiful logo that is everything you’ve ever wanted, but the rest of your brand assets and deliverables aren’t really pulling their weight. It can cause things to feel disconnected and mismatched in your brand.

It’s almost like having a really great outfit that you’ve carefully pieced together and then wearing a pair of old worn down sneakers with it that just don’t do the rest of the outfit justice. You may look at the outfit in the mirror and feel like you almost nailed it, but something is off. Your branding can feel that way if you’re not keeping everything consistent and put together, and when others view it, they may start to notice that as well. When you have a stunning website, you want your client guides and freebie downloads to look just as beautiful. This shows your customers or clients that you really care about following through and when you do something, you really do it. 

The Cherry On Top

When I work with my clients, I like to explain to them that the visuals, the graphics and pretty things that I create are the cherry on top or the bow that ties it all together. Like I mentioned before, once you have the foundation of your brand laid out solid, then we go in and add all the pieces that highlight and bring out all the best parts of your brand. Much like a house, once we have the walls built and the electricity squared away, then we shop for the furniture, the throw pillows and the house plants. Some designers only specialize in the visuals, and that is perfectly okay. I’ve just found over the years that I enjoy helping my clients discover all  the parts of their brand, from start to finish. It’s fun to see a project come around full circle, to go from ideas scribbled in a notebook to a fully built out brand!


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