3 Unexpected Ways to Increase Google Rankings

Don’t you love it when you find a little piece of entrepreneurship knowledge that makes such a big difference? That’s how I feel about these three SEO tips. They are game-changers when it comes to driving traffic from Google and onto your gorgeous website (and then into your inbox for a little celebration dance).

If you’re new to SEO, pause here with me for a moment.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s the magic sauce you need if you want people to find you through Google, i.e. if you want FREE leads. I absolutely recommend getting your feet wet in the SEO world if you’re tired of depending on social media for inquiries, and if you want to diversify your lead generation. The more ways people find you, the more stable your business will be.

So…how do you actually optimize your website so that it shows up and drives real customers to your website?

It all comes back to the content. 

-The words you use

-The titles of your images

-The descriptions you plugin

-The load time

-The user experience

-And so many more things I could overwhelm you with

However, instead of getting lost in the weeds, I want to help you boost traffic to your website with three simple, but oh-so-effective tips.

1. Build up reviews on a free Google Business Profile.

I know this is a hard ask, especially if you’re new, but the sooner you incorporate this tactic, the better! Social proof is the best optimization tactic for any business.

Have you ever looked up a restaurant and checked the reviews before making a reservation? You can set up a similar function for your business by creating a FREE Google Business Profile.

By creating a profile (adding your business name, website, description, hours, location and photo), you’ll then have a searchable business profile. The best part? It helps with rankings! And it’s even more effective if you have reviews, which is why I recommend not only creating the profile itself, but also reaching out to happy customers to request reviews. You can even send clients a direct link so that they can review your business just like their favorite smoothie shop.

Over time, this verified listing will help send more traffic to your website, and those reviews just make you more credible.

HINT: Your website is more likely to rank if it’s credible! That’s why a verified listing and reviews make such a big difference. Plus, if you need more local traffic, this listing will make a big difference.

No, you don’t need a storefront or physical address! Photographers, copywriters, web designers — whatever you do, you can add preferred cities as opposed to an actual street address so that strangers don’t come knocking at your door. Set up your profile for free here.

2. Optimize your social media profiles.

An active social media presence definitely contributes to search engine rankings, and you can update your social media profiles to help! Here’s how:

  1. Make sure your current website URL is consistent on all platforms.
  2. Want to rank for something like, “Arizona wedding photographer”? Add that keyword to the description in each of your social media profiles.
  3. Stay active! You don’t need to post every day, but an active and reputable social media profile makes a difference.

3. Add more pages to your website.

Simple and minimal — that’s been the common trend for websites and I even come across websites that have just one page. However, that one-page or five-page website will struggle to rank.

Think of it like this — the pages on your website are like plots of real estate on search engines. The more pages you have, the more real estate you own. And in this case, like others (anyone dreaming of that oceanside property in Greece?), real estate is valuable!

The more pages on your website, the more potential doors exist that will take users to your website. You can’t have one page and expect thousands of users to visit your website per month. However, multiple pages, blog posts, and portfolio pages will get you there!

Your home page might rank for “Arizona photographer” while your latest blog post ranks for “desert photography tips.” Each and every page, blog post, etc. is an opportunity for more traffic. Just look at websites like weddingwire.com or theknot.com. They have pages upon pages of content but are organized in a sleek and easy-to-navigate way. That’s how to do it!

Keep your main menu straightforward — home, about, services, portfolio, blog, contact — something along those lines is perfect. Then, use that blog to add more content and get more people to your website. It’s one of the best ways to deliberately drive traffic to your URL, and if you do it yourself, it’s totally free.

One quick note on keyword research

SEO, at the core, relies on keywords. That yummy brownie recipe you love? It’ll rank on Google if you use words like, “brownie recipe” and “dark chocolate brownie recipe” in the actual post. The more specific, the better. However, not all keywords are made equal. 

That’s where tools like Ubersuggest come in handy. You can identify the amount of traffic for a specific phrase, who’s already ranking for it and how competitive that keyword is (because you’re not the only one sharing a brownie recipe!). After you know which keyword is likely to be the most effective, you’ll need to include that phrase in the content — the title, throughout the actual post a handful of times (more if it’s a longer post), in the meta description and in the URL. That’s how you can “optimize” a blog post or web page.

*This is a very watered-down version of keyword research, but it’s a start!

Ready, set, SEO!

So go grab a brownie, request those client reviews, update your Instagram bio and get working on some blog posts (maybe not all at once)!

I promise that with a little bit of elbow grease, some time at the keyboard, and patience too, it’ll all come back to serve you. 

Just make sure to ask new clients how they found you (I include this as a question on my contact page). You’ll feel like you won the lottery when your first lead mentions Google as the source.If you have any questions at all, please make your way over to my Instagram DMs or my website. I’ll help you feel like a pro and can provide done-for-you SEO services such as optimized website copy and blog posts.

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