3 Reasons You Should Leave Your Job (And 3 Reasons You Should Stay)

Some career decisions are obvious, like getting an offer for your dream job or a salary increase. Others aren’t as clear. Knowing whether you should stick with a job or move onto the next opportunity can be a tough decision — maybe there’s nothing really wrong with your current job, but you just have this nagging feeling that something else exists for you. If you’ve reached this fork in the road, here are some signs you can spot to find your direction.

You Might Be Ready To Look for a New Job If:

You’re not using all your skills: You might not use every single one of your skills at work, but if you find that many of your professional skills are neglected day to day, you might feel less satisfied.

You feel too comfortable: Discomfort can be a positive thing. It drives you to the edges of what you thought you could do, making you stronger and helping you discover who you are. If you feel too comfortable at work, it might be time to unstick yourself from the situation so you can bloom.

You dread going to work: It can be hard to comprehend, but it’s possible to enjoy going to work. There will always be challenging days, but if you find that you consistently dread going to work, it’s time to reevaluate.

You Might Want To Stay at Your Job If:

You feel encouraged to learn and grow: A workplace that values and encourages your development is a diamond in the rough. If your job offers training or professional development opportunities, consider sticking around to make the most of them.

You have a positive work environment: A positive work environment is key to feeling happy and satisfied at work, and it can be surprisingly hard to find. The people you work with mold your experience in your workplace, so a positive work environment is a major benefit.

You feel incentivized: If you’re receiving raises and promotions, this may be an incentive to stay and an indicator that your workplace values you as an employee. You might even consider building a career at your current company.


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