How To Stay Motivated in the Dog Days of Summer

It’s that time again. The days are the hottest of the year, and summer just doesn’t feel as exhilarating as it did a couple months ago. During the dog days, it’s easy to lose motivation, but it’s possible to shift your mindset to get re-inspired. Keep reading to learn some key ideas to help you stay motivated during the dog days of summer.

Do Something New Every Day

In the late summer, the days can start to blend together. To overcome summer boredom, try to do something new every day. Your “something new” can be small — going to a new coffee shop, driving a new route to work, listening to a new album, trying a new dinner recipe — anything that breaks up the daily routine and gives you something to look forward to. Furthermore, trying new things can help you grow and become more confident. If you want to commit to making your days more interesting, start tracking the new things you try in a journal or on your phone.

Take a Day Off

There’s something magical about taking a day off of work without having a reason. The day is yours. You can take a day trip or spend the day at home. You can do whatever will make you feel replenished, whether it’s meeting up with a friend, going to the spa or enjoying a day by yourself. Don’t feel guilty about taking a day off to replenish your energy and avoid burnout — you’ll be better off in the long run.

Make the Most of the Season

During the dog days, the allure of summer might wear off. You might get tired of the heat and start wishing for autumn. To stay motivated, try to make the most of the summer days while they’re here. Go to the pool or beach. Enjoy a cold drink. Visit a farmer’s market. Take advantage of the parts of the summer that you miss in the winter. Practicing gratitude is key to boosting your mood and increasing your motivation.


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