How to Create Unforgettable Reels

Hoping to gain major visibility for your business on Instagram? Then you’re ready to harness the power of Reels!

As you’ve probably heard by now, Instagram is putting an emphasis on video content moving forward — including in-feed video such as Reels or IGTVs, as well as Stories and Lives. When used properly, Reels can be an incredible tool to help your business land in front of your target audience, with a message that resonates and in a format that’s enjoyable for them to consume.

And with 52% of marketers saying that “video helps them build trust with potential customers,”* there’s never been a better time to make video content (like Reels!) a part of your strategy.

This simple 3-step framework will help you start creating powerful Reels that not only engage your audience, but help drive the success of your business, as well — talk about a win-win!

1. Define Your Goals

If you’re utilizing Reels with the hope of growing your business, then it’s crucial to start off by defining your goals. These goals can be related to Instagram (such as increasing your engagement) or more general business goals (such as growing your email list, increasing web traffic or getting more sales).

Starting off with your overarching goals in mind will help inform your strategy moving forward, and it’ll serve as a perfect reminder of what you’re actually hoping to accomplish by posting more Reels. This way, you can guarantee that the Reels you create and share are aligned with those goals.

2. Brainstorm your ideas

Now that you’re crystal clear on the goals you want to achieve, start mapping out your ideas. What concepts or ideas can you share with your audience in 60 seconds or less? That may seem like a daunting question at first! But as you start brainstorm and let your creativity flow, you’ll be amazed at how many brilliant ideas you come up with.

When brainstorming content ideas for Reels, I always keep in mind these 3 overarching content themes:

  • Authority: This theme will include high-valuable topics such as educational tips or mini-trainings
  • Community: These Reels will show you/your businesses personality and will help build rapport and connection with your audience
  • Promotion: Don’t be afraid to promote your offers, services and products through your Reels! Put a fun spin on it by turning it into a behind-the-scenes look or sneak peek.

3. Develop your posting strategy

You’ve got your goals and your content ideas, now it’s time to develop your posting strategy! Determine what feels do-able to you — whether it’s posting 2 Reels per week, or 2 Reels per month — simple write out your plan, and stick to it.

A simple content calendar template (like the one included in my free Content Creation Bundle!) can help you streamline your process and ensure you’re sharing out a variety of content to appeal to your full audience. Be sure to include that mix of content themes we covered above, as well as different types of audio and visuals to see what works best for you AND your audience!

Some tips to remember when creating your unforgettable Reels:

  • Test out different concepts and ideas, and measure the results to see what resonates most for your audience. This can include testing face-to-camera videos of you talking through a mini training vs. showing your screen with a trending song playing in the background, for example.
  • Keep your text short and sweet, and ensure viewers are fully able to read each clip with ease!
    Include enticing calls-to-action right in the Reels video itself! This can be anything from leaving a comment, sending you a DM, purchasing at the link in your bio or following you for more!
  • Repurpose your Reels onto other platforms for maximum exposure. You can embed them into newsletters or blog posts, share them out to Pinterest or expand on them in an Instagram Story series!

Above all else, don’t forget to have fun! Reels are essentially designed with the purpose of entertaining, so the more you let your personality shine through and have fun with the content you’re creating, the better. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!