How to create more balance

In order to create balance and avoid burn out, you need to structure your days where it makes sense. For a lot of us, whether you are working full-time, running a business or if you are like me doing both, it can be a lot. Without structure you have tendencies of resulting into a hustle-like lifestyle, without making time for you.

Hustle to Burn out

So you know you need to create a better routine, but don’t know where to start? Well, it’s not easy. Building a routine really takes time and in order for it to become a habit, you always need to make sure you are sticking to it. For those of you that don’t know, I have 3 jobs. I work full-time, run a magazine company and a social media marketing business. You can probably imagine a lot of my time is spent “working”, which if I’m honest it was at one point. 

Before starting the magazine, my social media marketing business was mostly me helping others with Pinterest. At one point, I had over 10 clients and if you know Pinterest, it was a lot of content, research, and designing. It got to the point that in order for me to keep up with my work load from my full-time and business, I’d be working late nights, early mornings and even all day on the weekends (mostly to get my content done). 

All in all, I was miserable.

Changes were needed to be made

During my “hustle” period, I was actually in planning mode to build out my ideas for the magazine. On top of that, I had a crazy realization of wanting to completely get rid of Pinterest Management and solely run a social media business for wine entrepreneurs. So you want to know what I did? I cut all my clients and decided to completely pivot into the wine industry. 

One thing that I realized that although I was making a lot of money, it wasn’t worth it if I was unhappy. 

If I’m being honest, not only was I overworked, I was underpaid by many. And you know what? We all deserve to be paid our worth, especially in this space. 

So how do I do it all?

It’s all about planning ahead, working with clients who pay your worth and creating strict boundaries with others and yourself.

Here are a few things I do:

  • Schedule out my workout classes a week or 2 in advanced. I go to an in person studio that usually fills up quickly, so in order to be consistent I make sure to plan ahead to avoid not getting into those classes that work best for me.
  • Block off my calendar at my full-time. Even with working out, I’m still signed on around 8am. I try my best to take our pup Millie on a walk during a specific time or get off a bit earlier to hit the trails.
  • Unless it’s a super super busy week (which happens), I usually never work past 4pm. As of late, I don’t work past 1pm on Fridays for now my full-time (half day approval) and my business.
  • Works with only a few clients at a time and generally on longer-term commitments. Filtering through clients was EXHAUSTING to me and I like being in a routine. 
  • If possible, avoid working on the weekends. Organize your tasks to make sure that they are attainable. Sometimes it’s best to have an x amount of tasks per day to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed! 

If you are juggling a lot of clients and projects, it really is crucial to be organized and mindful of how your days/weeks are structured. On top of making sure I think ahead, I swear by using something like Asana, ClickUp, Trello, etc. to keep you up to date on due dates and what actually needs to get done when! Oh and remember, it’s okay to rest. Don’t ever forget that! 

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