How To Build Your Brand on Instagram

Are you drowning in the noise on Instagram and struggling to attract dream clients to you? More often than not, it’s actually because you are too focused on building your business rather than building your brand.

You see, your business is really just a product or service and is really just this thing that has no real connection to consumers. Your brand, however, is how others perceive you. It’s your image and your personality, and it’s what’s attached to your offers that will make people buy from you versus someone else. 

3 Tips to Build Your Brand on Instagram

When it comes to branding yourself, here’s how to build your brand on Instagram that will help you stand out from the masses, connect to your ideal audience and get more bookings.

1. Become Known for Something

If you’re unclear about your own brand, your audience will be too. To create a strong and intentional brand from the get-go, you need to establish what you want to become known for. You can’t be a social media manager for luxury businesses and budget-friendly businesses simultaneously. You need to decide how you are going to position yourself in the market so that your ideal customers know immediately that you are their go-to gal, that you solve their specific problems and that you will help them reach their desired goals. Instead of being the “I can do it all-girl,” clarify your brand position so that you can differentiate yourself from the rest and speak directly to your ideal customers within your content.

2. Build Your Brand on Instagram by Conveying Your Strategy

We’ve all heard the phrase that “people buy from people, not businesses,” so to connect with your customers, they need to know the person behind the brand and the why behind your business. Everyone has a story for starting their business, and while mine stems from getting cheated on, yours is going to be widely unique to you. Ultimately your brand story on Instagram will tell the motivation behind starting your business and why you do what you do every day, and it is a crucial piece of connecting and building trust with your customers.

3. Provide Value for Free

One of the key differences between service providers you see online who just have a business versus the ones that actually have a brand is that those with a brand earn their ability to sell. They are the ones that continuously provide free value and build true relationships with their audience. So think about how you can serve your customers, solve their problems and build rapport, as that is ultimately what’s going to drive the sale. 

So girl, take these tips and start building your own stand-out brand on the gram!


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