5 Fall Social Media Ideas for Your Brand

With the fall season approaching, social media posts are shifting away from vacation photos and summer outfit checks — it’s all about warm colors, sweaters and cozy vibes. If you want to keep up with the season on your brand’s social media, keep reading to learn five social media post ideas for fall.

1. Add Some Spice to Each Post

An easy fall social media idea for your brand is adding a little bit of autumn to each post. You might add some small pumpkins to a flat lay, take a product photo in fall leaves or post a selfie in a cozy sweater. By sprinkling in small autumnal accents, you can add some fall mood to your feed without compromising your branding or aesthetic.

2. Put the Spotlight on a Fall-Themed Product

Now is the time to start promoting cozy products. If you have a clothing brand, you might feature a burnt orange cardigan, or if you’re a photographer, maybe you have a fall sale for family photos. Take advantage of the opportunity to amplify seasonal products. You could also consider offering a fall-themed sale or discount code like “LEAVES” or “PUMPKIN.”

3. Post a Fall Quote

A quick and easy social media post idea is posting a fall-themed quote. You can create your own using Canva or another design service, or you can post another quote — just be sure to give credit. Quotes are easy to find through a search engine or Pinterest, and posting a quote is a great way to infuse fall vibes into your feed while staying on brand.

4. Share a Fall Recipe

You could also share a fall recipe, whether it’s a dinner, dessert or cozy drink recipe. Create a recipe that your target audience will enjoy, and then take photos or videos of the process and final result. For example, if your brand focuses on wellness, you could post a recipe for a healthy autumn meal. You can then post it on Pinterest and other platforms to maximize your content.

5. Design a Fall Mood Board

Another fun fall social media idea is creating and posting a fall mood board. You could create a fall-themed Pinterest board related to your brand or create a collage of fall inspiration photos. This is a quick and easy way to help your audience and your feed get in the fall mood.

More Tips for Curating a fall Social Media Feed

Want to take your fall feed even further? Here are some more tips and fall social media ideas:

  • Use fall filters. You can buy a preset pack or design your own filter. Use it on each of your fall posts to keep your feed looking cohesive. Opt for warm tones — they can help you maintain a cozy, autumnal vibe.
  • Edit colors. You can use a photo editing app to edit individual hues in an image. Consider changing greens to yellows or oranges to create a fall color scheme.
  • Incorporate video. As TikTok and Reels explode in popularity, using video has become fundamental to social media marketing. Be sure to keep an eye out for fall trends that you can take part in or use trending Halloween sounds.
  • Stay true to your branding. If traditional fall colors and content don’t match your branding, feel free to get creative with content that feels authentic to your branding. For example, you might post a fall-themed quote in your brand’s fonts and colors.
  • Leverage your copy. Your copy or captions are a large part of each social media post, so make sure to take advantage of them. You could ask a fall-themed question in your caption or post a poll on your story. For example, you could ask your audience, “Have you decorated for fall yet?” This can engage your audience and get them in the fall mood.
  • Repurpose content. Don’t be afraid to repurpose content from the last fall season. Content repurposing can help you save time and effort. You can repost an image with a new caption or update a graphic carousel for the new season.

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