Adventure to Entrepreneurship

Honestly, it kind of makes me cringe—when you’re fresh out of university, the norm is to find some average gig and slowly work your way up the ladder. That was the path that everyone expected. Planned for. Hoped for, even. But the truth is, I can’t relate.

That was FAR from what I saw on my horizon as a college graduate. In fact, it was hard to even picture what was on my horizon. COVID had just hit. The world was different. Lives were different. Jobs were different. We were all afraid, lost and didn’t know what would happen next. Funny thing is… in those “unknown” circumstances, I thrive. In some ways, I crave it.

Even when I was deciding where to go to university, I wanted to take a risk. Screw where everyone else planned to study. My only desire was to create my own unique path. So, I traveled halfway across the world to study in Lugano, Switzerland. After two life-changing years, surprise surprise… I craved another change and transferred to Montana State University (they offered the major I was interested in, animal science).

Fast forward to college-graduate me, living in an unexpected, COVID world. My original plan was to go to veterinary school, but I was burnt out. That vetmed “fire” in me had dwindled.

So, there I was. Feeling lost, moving out of my college house, not wanting to move in with my parents, and working as a veterinary technician. Part of that gig was running the vet clinic’s social media… and, well, I fell in love with it— my perfect mixture of analytics, strategy and creativity.

Then, my sister asked if I would go look at campers/RVs with her because she wanted to go camping with her kids. That was my LIGHT BULB MOMENT.

It was perfect. My next adventure. My next challenge. Travel, live on the road in a camper, and take this social media gig to the next level. My mind moves quickly—it was a done deal.

I pivoted from management to coaching (both 1:1 and group programs), because it feels SO much more aligned. I am extremely passionate about helping entrepreneurs master their Instagram strategy and Reels *my fav*, empowering them to feel confident showing up authentically, and teaching them to utilize this tool to grow their business and convert followers to clients.

After about a year and a half of traveling, I decided to get my own home-base. I now live in Milwaukee, WI and would absolutely LOVE to get to know you. 🙂

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