4 Ways to add your personality to your business

I strongly believe that you need to be infusing your personality into the back end of your business. Here’s 4 areas to get started:

1. When Hiring Team Members

I am a Virgo sun, manifesting generator, type 1 enneagram, etc. and I tend to work really well with the dreamers. It’s a natural pairing as long as we have the same mission. You have complimentary personalities you can add to your team that will help build the best team for your business! Also, since you know their personality, it is easier to know their needs within your business.

2. Your Onboarding Process

Onboarding processes are fairly straightforward once you know the deliverable. But once you have them mapped out – spruce them up with bits of YOU in there. Use language that is fitting for you, and extras or gifts related that show who your brand is, and focus on how you want them to feel.

3. Your Project Management System

I’ll say it, I want you to be in love with ClickUp but if you aren’t – it’s fine. The main reason I suggest ClickUp is for this exact reason. You can set it up in a way that fits you. If you get overwhelmed by all the things, create dashboards that are simple, clean and to the point. If you like having a space to create, have an entire space to do that (full of docs, lists, or maps). Being able to set up the areas in the back-end where you are going to be spending the most time, is going to help you feel comfortable with all of it. You also won’t be avoiding these very necessary parts of your business anymore (I see you all).

4. Potential Areas for Improvement

If you have everything set up in your business, see if there are any areas you are avoiding. Can you think of ways that would make them feel easier? Change it! Are there ways to customize processes for each team member?

Oh hey, I’m Maija and I am an online business manager. I’m pretty straight to the point – can you tell? It might be because I am always running from my business to my babes and like to keep everything moving – although my stories can get a little lengthy (haha). If you haven’t started working your personality into your business, I bet it will make a difference in how you feel showing up everyday!

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